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Teachers and youth leaders, sign up now for a place where youth groups grades 5th and up will learn how water is connected to everything we do in the Chihuahuan Desert through interactive exhibits. Discover what water resources are available in the region and how we all can help to protect it. Part of the field trip will include a hands on activity. Depending on the criteria you select, we can cater an interactive experience for your students that will reinforce what you are teaching in your classrooms. To make reservations, please read and accept the Code of Conduct and fill out all the fields on the form below. The Education Specialist will contact you for final details and confirmation. Student and youth group field trips are FREE. Field trips are very popular! The more advance notice you provide, the better.

Field Trip Request Form

Our activities are categorized under 4 different tracks, depending on what the primary take away of the field trip is about. The four tracks are:

  1. Ecological Knowledge: lessons/activities that are introductory in nature and that focus on awareness and establish a basic foundation of the characteristics of environments, and to comprehend how they function. (Populations; ecosystems; interdependence; changes & adaptations; biodiversity)
  2. Social and Political Knowledge: builds awareness and understanding of the way human culture, economics and politics have affected people's attitudes toward natural resources. (Cultural perspectives; economic, commercial, and recreational considerations; historical & geographical development; political and legislative frameworks)

  4. Environmental Knowledge of Issues: students will be able to recognize, evaluate and make responsible choices in their own lives regarding natural resources. (Attitudes and awareness; human impacts; issues and trends in global perspectives, land use, consumptive and non-consumptive use of natural resources and wildlife)
  5. Environmental Responsibility: Focuses on how students can take action on behalf of natural resources and wildlife. (Wildlife management and practices; responsible action and service)

Earth Science
Physical Science
Life Science
Environmental Science
Health Science
Social Studies

Rules of conduct during field trip at the TecH20 Center

The following are rules and regulations that will be strictly enforced during school field trips in order to protect students and the facility as well as to ensure your visit will be an educational and enjoyable event.

  • Student/ Adult ratio 10:1
  • No backpacks or writing objects will be allowed in the Center
  • No food or beverages will be allowed inside the Center. Students can have their lunches outdoors on designated areas
  • No gum
  • Students are expected to clean up after themselves
  • Jackets and purses are to be left in the school bus or at the reception area where bins are provided
  • No horse playing, running or shouting inside the center
  • No climbing on the building or any outside structures
  • All visitors are expected to take care of the exhibits by handling with care
  • Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner. We reserve the right to remove visitors from premises if conduct is not becoming. If a student is removed from the center, the entire group will also be requested to leave and the school will be put on probation for 6 months. A letter will be sent to school principal notifying of probation status.

Note for Teachers and chaperones: In the unlikely case of fire, you are approved and required to call 911 and/or pull the fire alarm.

 Yes, I agree to the guidelines outlined in the Rules of Conduct.

The Carlos M. Ramirez TecH2O Water Resources Learning Center is ADA compliant.

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