Educational Materials

Let us help you teach others about water!
El Paso Water offers the following printed educational materials:

Willie's World Activity Book - Designed for 3rd grade level or higher.

My First Water Activity Book! - Designed for Pre-K to 2nd grade levels.

Water is life! Conservation Wheel - Features ways and tips to conserve water indoors and outdoors.

Desert Blooms Plant Wheel - Features a variety of low water use plants and trees native and adapted to our Chihuahuan Desert.

Indoor/Outdoor Water Use Review Information on two FREE educational programs offered by the El Paso Water Utilities Conservation Department designed to help residents and businesses save on their monthly bill by understanding how to efficiently use water indoors and outdoors.

Flush Fact vs Flush Fiction: The Truth About High-Efficiency Toilets Information about low flow toilets.

Simple Steps to Save Water Tips on how to save water inside and out.

Watering Can Be Efficient! Fine-Tune Your Irrigation System to Save Water and Money Smart tips for saving money and water while fine tuning your irrigation system.

Educational Videos

Click on the link below for a list of available videos for checkout by teachers at the TecH2O Water Resources Learning Center, call (915) 621-2000. Educational Video List (PDF file 44.3 KB)

Education Activities

The following activity kits are available for teachers to check out:

Water Education Lesson Plans

Water education lesson plans you can download for different grade levels to be used in the classroom.
Click here to view lesson plans
Click here to view lesson plans for Imagine a Day Without Water

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