Camel Kit

Conserving water is important to all of us. We use water daily throughout our homes daily in a variety of ways. In order for us to be certain that we will continue to have this essential liquid in our future, we must each do our part to apply water conserving techniques.

To assist in finding ways to help conserve water we are providing water conservation kits. These kits include educational tools that help you with your conservation efforts. By knowing where and how you can make your home more water efficient you can do your part to conserve water and be waste free.

Included in the camel kit are:

  • Saving Water Pamphlet - Teaches you how to make your home "water tight and waste-free"
  • Shower Meter Water Displacement Bag - Calculates water waste and saving potential
  • Drip Gauge for Fixture Leaks - Shows annual consumption due to leaks
  • Leak Detector Dye Tablets (2) - Indicates if toilet flapper is leaking
  • Flush Volume Calculator for Toilet
  • Water, Energy, and Money Saving Products - Brochure and order form
  • “Camel Clever” Conservation Booklet and plumbing fixture report card. - This booklet helps children understand ways to conserver and be efficient using Conway the camel as a conservation mascot.

WET (Water Education for Teachers) is a non-profit water education program and publisher for educators and young people ages 5-18.

The CDEC collaborates efforts among public educators and the public in support of programs that enhance conservation and education of the Chihuahuan Desert.

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