School and Community Outreach Programs

Willie, El Paso Water Mascot

Willie Mascot, Headstart 3rd Grade

Willie has been the utility mascot since 1991 and is well recognized throughout the community as a positive message to help teach others about saving our most precious resource, water.

Willie visits young children between pre-school ages up to 3rd grade. As Willie visits schools he is accompanied by another representative of the Water Conservation Department who leads the presentation to increase awareness as the students engage in fun and active learning about water. The children will learn about the water cycle, the desert environment we live in and how water is used wisely-not wastefully. Children will understand that each one of them plays an important part in saving water today for their future. They will also learn how to help teach others how to conserve.

The Conservation Department makes presentations to school groups and youth organizations that often include a visit by El Paso Water "Willie" the water drop mascot. Call (915) 621-2000 or send an email to for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Community Education

  • Partnerships with other civic, government agencies, environmental organizations, universities, and museums.
  • Events
  • Fairs
  • Water Festivals
  • Displays
  • Presentations
  • General Water Conservation
  • Water Conservation Programs
  • Desert Blooms CD-Rom

Promotional items are available for educational presentations and events.

To schedule a presentation contact or call 915-621-2000.



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