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Fun Activities
Play and learn! These games, puzzles and activities are perfect for young children and provide valuable lessons about water.

Environment Word Search

Willie's Seek and Find Water Bingo (pdf)
 Willie's Dot to Dot 

Willie's Conservation Bingo (pdf)
Activity Book 

My First Water Activity Book (pdf)
Willie's Dot to Dot 

Willie's Dot to Dot (pdf)
Environment Word Search

Environment Word Search (pdf)
Environment Crossword Puzzle

Environment Crossword Puzzle (pdf)

Word Search

Word Search (pdf)

 Activity Sheets

Activity sheets (pdf)
Activity Sheets (spanish)

Activity Sheets 
in Spanish (pdf)

Drinking Water Week water cycle

Water Cycle
Activity Sheet in English & Spanish (pdf)

Drinking Water Week Maze

Maze Activity Sheet in English & Spanish (pdf)

Kid spinner trivia

Kid Spinner Trivia (pdf)

Try these educational websites for more activities and games.

Insights El Paso:
 Fun, educational activities to do with your kids!

STEAM-Powered Families: With a STEM or STEAM focus, this website provides ways to foster curiosity and love of learning, regardless of ability. Activities are great for classroom or homeschooling.

Funology: This website offers the “ultimate parenting toolbox” with ideas to inspire and entertain your kids.  See this website for science, games, trivia, magic and more. 

Water Use it Wisely: This Arizona-based website offers games, adventures and conservation tips for teachers, parents and kids.

PBS Kids: This website offers science, games and activities for kids to learn and play at home.

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