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Water Learning Projects

The following printable lesson plans offer engaging classroom projects that explore different facets of water.

 Grades  Project  Description
 K-1 Self-Watering Planter Use recycled materials to turn your classroom green! Grow an indoor garden that saves water and teaches the parts of plants. Student materials are provided in English and Spanish.
Water Cycle in a Bag A fun hands-on activity to help early learners see evidence of the water cycle in their classroom.
 4 Hold my Water Students will understand how plants in the Chihuahuan Desert are able to survive with very little water, because of the soil types.
 4 How A Well Works How does a well work? This activity helps students observe the movement of groundwater and challenges them to think about how humans impact groundwater resources. Student materials are provided in English and Spanish.
4  Mini Distillation Plant Use recycled materials to review the water cycle and explore El Paso's water resources. This hands-on activity is a great way to prepare for a field trip to EPWater's TecH2O Center and Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant. Student materials are provided in English and Spanish.
4  Modeling the Meandering
Rio Grande
The Rio Grande river is vital to our region and a notable example of how people have modified their environment. This lesson guides students to investigate flow, erosion, deposition, and historic paths of the river by building a stream model of the Rio Grande. Student materials are provided in English and Spanish. Video
5  Elephant Butte Research Review multiplication and division of decimals, practice graphing and analyzing graphical data while learning about Elephant Butte lake and its significance to our region. This lesson provides students an opportunity to apply mathematical skills and principals to real-world scenarios relevant to El Paso, Texas. Student materials are provided in English and Spanish.
6-7 Conservation Choices Students propose and implement water conservation alternatives while recognizing different groups of people may have a different value system. When this understanding is lacking, attempts to resolve the dilemma often meet with resistance.
 6-12  Who Gets It Students will explore how Water Managers must take into account different community groups and entities that rely on water. Students will represent the different entities and discuss how water is important to an organization.
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