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Willie the Waterdrop

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El Paso Water’s beloved mascot Willie the Waterdrop has made a lasting impact in our community as a champion of water conservation education. Willie loves to visit El Paso area schools to teach students grades preK-2 about the water cycle and ways to conserve water. A Willie the Waterdrop Presentation is a great way to introduce students to El Paso's desert ecosystem and water resources.

Willie bookIf you would like to become a water conservation hero like Willie, Water Wise with Willie the Waterdrop: A story in English and Spanish, is a great place to start. Follow Willie and his pet chihuahua, Rocco, through their daily activities to learn ways to save water. We welcome you to download the storybook to read on a device, share it with others, and print it. You can also visit El Paso's TecH2O Center to pick up a free copy with supplies last.

Water Wise with Willie storybook (pdf)

Willie’s History

When Willie the Waterdrop was introduced in 1991, he was known as “Willie the Water Waster,” sharing lessons of what NOT to do. Eventually, good triumphed over evil, and “Willie the Waterdrop” became the water ambassador that he is today.

Yesterday’s kids are now today’s adults, and the water lessons learned over the decades are part of our desert city's culture. El Paso now embraces water conservation, saving water indoors and outdoors with water-smart landscaping. Citizens have significantly reduced their average water consumption over the years, but the work of water conservation never ends. Willie the Waterdrop continues his mission to educate all El Pasoans about our region's water sources and how to conserve.

Water Videos Featuring Willie

In this new series of brief video adventures, Willie engages students in water-focused topics like the water cycle, our water supply sources and water conservation. Be sure to join in on the fun and take a pledge with Willie to be water wise!

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